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Why UpToUs?

Find everything you need to organize
your group

Whether you're a soccer coach or a room parent, a 1st grade teacher or a violin instructor, UpToUs provides you the tools you need to communicate, schedule, plan and share. No more building email groups, setting up spreadsheets, making endless phone calls or licking stamps. It's all here and if there's a tool you need that's not here, let us know.

Manage all your kids' activities in one place

Between school functions, after-school activities, birthday parties and the rest, staying on top of your kids' schedules is never simple. Particularly if you have more than one. UpToUs is designed for integrating all that into one place, one calendar and one news feed.

Connect and share with other parents

It takes a village right? But we don't really live in a village... we live in a bunch of them. UpToUs brings all the different groups you and your kids belong to together in one place - classrooms, sports teams, ballet classes, etc. - so you can stay on top of what's happening, share photos, files and set up future events.

Be more involved
in your kids' lives

You're busy. We totally get it. But your kids don't and you shouldn't expect them to. After all, they're the most important thing you've got. UpToUs makes it easier than ever to stay on top of their lives so you don't miss a thing. From scheduling to organizing to volunteering, it's all here in one easily accessible place. After all, being involved makes our kids and us happier.

Enjoy a safe and secure social network

UpToUs was built specifically with parents and child care professionals in mind. Kids require different priorities and safety is certainly a top one. All our groups are private, password protected and each parent can decide what information to share.

Featured Group

  • Mimi Murase

    ~ Room Parent at Nixon Elementary

    Like many parents, Mimi Murase has a busy schedule. In addition to teaching part time at St. Mary's College, she is very involved in the activities of both of her young sons. At the beginning of this school year she volunteered to be the classroom parent for her son's first grade class. She started using to help manage her duties and the website has been a huge help.

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