Busy Mom Brings Parents Together

Like most modern parents, Mimi Murase has a busy schedule. In addition
to teaching part time at St. Mary's College, she is very involved in the
activities of both of her young sons. At the beginning of this school year, she
volunteered to be the class secretary for her youngest son Kenji's first grade
class. She started using UpToUs.com to help manage the secretarial duties
and the website has been a huge help.

"I really wanted to a) let parents communicate with each other, b) share photos and
c) upload/download documents, like field trip permission slips", sais Mimi.
"While the teacher doesn't use the computer all that often, the parents were pretty adamant about
using email as the primary mode of communication. UpToUs has proven to be the perfect solution.
It's the equivalent of a class website, but I didn't have to learn HTML."

"The class has 21 students from 20 separate families and while getting buy-in was an initial concern,
the site proved so effective that soon everyone was online."

"Once we started putting photos up, everyone joined. Everybody really likes it. They particularly like getting important information in email rather than relying on the kids bringing home pieces of paper. These kids are only seven so things that go into backpacks don't always come back out. As an organizer, the ability to ensure that parents are getting the information they need is really helpful."

Mimi has been so pleased with UpToUs as a classroom tool that she has begun using it for her kids' other activities. "I've used UpToUs for my son's soccer team, basketball team, and now for this spring's little league team", she says. "I want to start an UpToUs community for our after-school program now. It would be a good way to get in touch with the other parents there to set up play dates."