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UpToUs allows each group to create a public page. Whether you have a private or public group, you can generate a simple web address for your group members. Below is a sample of groups that are already using our public pages.

5th: HaysRoom 25
Palo Alto CA

The Champions Corner
Durham NC

Champion TKD Academy Community

Champion Tae Kwon Do Academy teaches the true martial arts experience. Champion is committed to ...

Sharks - Willow Glen PAL Soccer
San Jose CA

WGSPAL - U6 Soccer 2012 Season

Cheetahs Soccer Girls U8
Sunnyvale CA

Practice at De Anza Park, Sunnyvale

Science Expo Events

Jordan Science Fair and Science Events 2016-2017 Sign-Ups

Rm 3: Tina Franceschi/Debbie Bhalla 14-15
Palo Alto CA

This group is designed to connect families and staff in Ms. Franceschi & Ms. Bhalla's kindergarten class at Barron Park Elementary.

Palo Alto CA

Young Fives Kindergarten Readiness Class

Hays Kindergarten 2017-18
Palo Alto CA

Walters Hays grade-level group for the current Kindergarten parents. It provides a venue for sharing and community building. Teachers and staff are not discussed and conversations are private within the group.

Marietta GA

A communication website for Voice Today to organize volunteering and activities

VOICE Today is breaking the silence and cycle of child sexual abuse worldwide through Awareness ,...

2016-17 Directory-Jordan
Palo Alto CA

Jordan Middle School Directory for use by parents and guardians of Jordan Middle Students

I'm a CapCityKid
Austin TX

Keeping in touch with CapCityKids.

CapCityKids (The Capital City Fund for Education) is a non-profit organization created to help ch...

Willy Wonka Jr.
Palo Alto CA

AYSO U10B-13
Palo Alto CA

Fall 2015 U10B-13 AYSO Soccer Team. Practices 5- 6pm Tuesdays@Greer2W & Thursdays Greer 4E. Games Saturday. Team When "Home" team wear WHITE & when "Away" team wear BLUE. BRING both white and blue Jerseys to EVERY game with shinguards, socks.

HaysT3 14/15
Palo Alto CA

T3 - Team 3 Walter Hays Third Grade Group of all third grade classrooms for facilitating all grade activities like sign-ups for Ohlone Day Activities

Towne Acres Carnival Committee
Johnson City TN

Volunteer Forum

Please Join Us for the Fall Carnival, and Shine Bright Like the Star You Are!

Parent Network 7th Grade
Palo Alto CA

The Parent Network helps foster social networks/connections for 7th grade parents, offering a supportive avenue for questions or concerns about Middle School. Teachers, staff, & students are not discussed; conversations are private within the group.

Hadassah Aviv
Bay Area CA

This is a communication site for Hadassah Aviv

Registration to Shirley Valentine is now open. Click the Register button.

HaysRoom1 14/15

This is for parents, guardians, caregivers and staff of Walter Hays Room1 students to communicate about classroom activities.

Friends of PALY Choir
Palo Alto CA

Online community for volunteers of the Friend of the Palo Alto High School Choir

Rm 9: Nick Foote 14-15
Palo Alto CA

This group is designed to connect families and staff in Nick Foote's 3rd grade class at Barron Park Elementary.

Kaleidoscope Butterfly

Serving those in Crisis

For training or groups times please contact us. If you are an individual in need of support call...

3rd: HaysRoom 13
Palo Alto CA

Library 14-15
Palo Alto CA

Mtn View Hackerlings

Help Peninsula kids learn STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) by doing

Starting a volunteer organization in Mountain View, CA to help children learn STEAM by hacking an...

Rm 12: Sheila French 14-15
Palo Alto CA

This group is designed to connect families and staff in Ms. French's 2nd grade class at Barron Park Elementary.

HAE Henderson/Kettel 4th Grade Class Community
Jacksonville FL

Welcome to Mrs. Kettel's and Ms. Henderson's 4th grade class community! Your onestop location for updates, volunteer info, homework and communications.

Please contact one of our homeroom moms or teachers for more information or to join this classroo...

PTA Activities & Events
Palo Alto CA

Jordan Middle School PTA Volunteer Sign-ups. Thank you for helping our kids.

6th Grade
Palo Alto CA

This group is designed for communication with parents of Terman 6th graders. Messages are sent by the moderator about school activities. For social network or connections please use the 6th Grade Parent Network.

This is a private group only for the Terman Middle School Community.

2017-2018 Incoming Parents

Welcoming community for parents before classroom assignments are made.

Exeter Elementary PTO
Exeter NH

Exeter Elementary PTO and volunteers serving Main Street and Lincoln Street schools

Wolf Cubs Pack 57 Den 1
Harker Ave CA

Discussion Group 2024
Palo Alto CA

This is an opt-in group for peer-to-peer communications. This is for informal communications. This is not for discussing individual teachers or administration.

Oak Yearbook 2011-2012
Los Altos CA

Event photographers to take photos of school-wide events such as walkathon, Halloween, and spirit days. Classroom reps who will collect and layout classroom candid pages.

Rm 10: Athena Foley 14-15
Palo Alto CA

This group is designed to connect families and staff in Ms. Foley's 3rd grade class at Barron Park Elementary.